Student Advisory Council (SAC)


The Student Advisory Council (SAC) is a year round program that introduces students to concepts of policy advocacy, applied social research, democratic governing, and grassroots organizing. The Student Advisory Council strives to promote student voice within the district, and works to take action against problems faced by students. 

Students of the SAC program represent the vast diversity of SCUSD high school youth. SAC members range from 9th to 12th grade, vary in socio-economic background, ethnicity, religion, first language, immigration status, and experience with student government. 

There are two levels within the SAC program, cabinet representatives, and delegate committees. Students earn these designations through time commitment and level of involvement. 

SAC Delegates commit themselves to attending weekly meetings, working to refine their skills in critical thinking, college level research methodologies, public speaking, and youth advocacy. 

SAC Delegates develop policy initiatives, meet with district staff and committees, and report to the SCUSD Board of Education. As youth advocates, they work together to ensure all student voices are represented. 

SAC students are critical, passionate, and determined to advocate for all student voices across our district.